Hiatus – Effective last year, announced this week

Hey guys. Not sure if you saw the official announcement that we are on hiatus for an unspecified amount of time. Want a Too Long; Didn’t Read? Happy to oblige, scroll to the last paragraph.

Recording a regular podcast while maintaining an adult life is admittedly difficult. Doing so as an absolute amateur in all things related to podcasting is harder. Doing it when separated by a 3 hour time difference makes it nigh impossible to hit regular episodes. Last year, each of our lives blew up personally, in both good and bad ways. Patrick lost his mom and gained a fiance. I lost my cat, a job, and made it on the honor roll as a returning student pursuing my degree finally. Recently, I also lost my grandfather.

Patrick and I love horror, and we love doing this podcast. We have every intention of continuing, it’s just going to take awhile. Neither of us is sure how long. While we get things back on track personally, both of us will be blogging fairly regularly, and there may be a couple mini-episodes posted. When we do come back, the format will be drastically changed. It’s not possible to do current event style episodes, because once we’ve planned and recorded and edited and posted, the things we talked about are weeks if not months old. Instead, we are going to focus on specific, non-time sensitive subjects, and really break it down and get into the meat of it. We have a few planned already, an in-depth analysis of Stephen King’s works, including which film version of The Shining is better, Grindhouse: The 10th anniversary, it’s relation to the actual grindhouse genre, and a discussion about the grindhouse era of horror. These future topics will be handled in long form episodes, sometimes broken into multiple parts if the length gets too unwieldy.

Patrick + Selana Versus Evil isn’t a ploy for viral fame or social recognition. We are not looking to make a living off of talking about horror. It’s a passion project, pure and simple. Unfortunately, the messy bits of life tend to distract from things like that.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding and unlikely fandom. We’re still here, we’re just taking a minute, or a few hundred thousand of them.

TL;DR – We’re not done podcasting, just on hiatus. We will continue blogging and sharing our opinions on horror in various formats.

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