Test Runs and Tech Failures

So there we were, poised, ready to record. Patrick and I had both watched and re-watched the Halloween films multiple times. We had thoughts. We had opinions. I had 8 pages of notes, most of which was whining about how Rob Zombie had betrayed me. We logged on the night before recording day, and we were ready to go! Everything worked! All programs were online (I have to use a total of 4, one to talk to Patrick, one to record the call, one to seperate the audio from the video, and one to edit the audio for your listening consumption). Everything was set. And when we logged on the next day, nothing worked. 2 programs demanded to be updated. 1 program decided that it couldn’t work with the updated programs. 1 just kept failing to record and when I visited the site to see about an update, I found that it was no longer being supported, good luck, thanks for the fish, fuck off.



Where do we go from there? Patrick is happily writing for Morbidly Beautiful and planning a wedding. I’m taking an overloaded semester packed with honors courses because my old ass wants to make the big bucks and roll hard as a professor of history and I’m looking to transfer to university from my community college this time next year (I hope). Do we want to keep doing this? Do we have time? Is it worth it? I ask Patrick this all the time, mainly because despite our having been friends for almost a decade, despite him kind of taking the place of a cousin whose friendship and closeness I’ve lost over the years (sorry to drop that bomb on you Krause, you’re my cuz now, deal with it. If I ever squeeze out loin fruit, you’re the automatic godfather), one never knows what’s in someone else’s mind. Is he just sticking with this because he feels he has to? But, this is as much his baby as it is mine (wait, we’re cousins…. you’re my brother? we have a baby together… I’ve seen this episode of X-Files, right?) He’s as adamant as I am: despite our setbacks, we both have a lot of love for horror, and sharing our opinions about it. We’ve likely lost all the listeners we had, and hey, that’s fine. We’ve didn’t start our little podcast for money or fame, we started it because we love horror and we love talking about horror. If you like to listen to us talk about horror, we love you. To quote Stephen King’s forward from Night Shift:

And the only thing we seem to be able to agree upon about them is this: that those who practice these arts honestly would continue to practice them even if they were not paid for their efforts; even if their efforts were criticized or even reviled; even on pain of imprisonment or death.



So here we are, stymied by another breakdown. It’s a shame I would die in Jersey and it’s a shame Patrick has his whole life NOT on the west coast, because this would all be easier without the distance, but that’s not the case. We’ll get through this tech barrier, and we’ll come back to your earbuds and car speakers sooner rather than later. We’re sorry for the wait, and we’re sorry we’re not better at this already, but we’re not ready to let this corpse rest yet.

Zap it again Patrick, we’ve got work to do!


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