Looking to catch up on something you missed? Everything is linked here for your downloading pleasure.


108. Patrick + Selana VS The Evil Dead, Season 6A – After a few months fraught with offline challenges, this episode comes EXTREMELY late! It was a lot of fun, the most fun yet, to record, and will likely be our last episode hosted on Podomatic as we begin to migrate to more stable platforms.

107. Patrick + Selana VS The X-Files – Patrick and Selana reminisce about the usually sci-fi, sometimes horrific X-Files, just in time for the 10th season!


106. Patrick + Selana VS The Evil Dead – This episode finds our hosts discussing the legacy of The Evil Dead franchise, as well as bird walking from Universal Orlando & the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, to Patrick’s impressions of Sam Raimi.

105. Patrick + Selana VS Found Footage – Ah… found footage. A cheap way to half-ass a horror movie, or the next innovation in first-person terror? Selana loves them, Patrick hates them, this week, we talk about them.

104B. PSEvil Mini-cast: Remembering Wes Craven – The world of horror lost a legend on August 31, 2015. Mini-sode 4.5 is a brief conversation remembering his legacy.

104. Patrick + Selana VS Kevin Smith – Episode Four: Patrick and Selana have mixed feelings about the King of Podcasting’s jump into the horror genre.

103. Patrick + Selana VS The Walking Dead S5 – What is going on with Coral and the crew? What did we catch and what did we miss?

102. Patrick + Selana VS Women in Horror – Our second episode. Still working out the kinks, still figuring things out. This time we are talking about women in horror, their roles, their impact, and what it’s like to be a female creator or fan.

101. Patrick + Selana VS Evil – The premiere episode, we each talk about some of out favorite horror movies.